About You

Before we chat about Memberships we first need to know who you are!

If you’re relatively new to exercise and have ‘Clean Sneakers’ we can get you moving with: Personal Training, a Specialised Program to keep you on track, supportive Group Fitness AND Pin loaded equipment for weight training (Ideal for beginners!)

Maybe you’re a ‘Power Pro’ with a solid knowledge of fitness and an understanding of how your body responds to challenges. We have tonnes of free weights to keep you building, certified power lifting equipment in Berri and cardio machines to get your blood pumping.

Are you a ‘Worldly Warrior’ who out-lifts us all in life experience? Our Strength for Life program helps daily tasks become a breeze and our Pin Loaded equipment allows you to maintain good bone density. Our Group exercise classes cater for all fitness levels and provide a great way to make friends.

If you’re a little ‘Battle-scared’ from an injury and need some rehab, we’ll soon have you on the mend! Vitality is Work Cover Rehabilitation Certified and our Personal Trainers can devise a supportive program with healing spa-time to get you back to full strength.

‘Shift The Way You Move’ sums up all of our members who do shift work or have time restrictions on their day, making Berri’s 24 hour open door facility the ultimate in convenience!

So, regardless of your age and fitness level we know there’s a place for you at Vitality.